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Custom Metronidazole Formula

Our Custom Rx Formula is personalized prescription treatment that blends anti-inflammatory azelaic acid, metronidazole, and niacinamide in just the right combination and strength to target your unique rosacea symptoms. Whether you’ve been dealing with redness, swelling, blemishes, or anything in between, our providers will create a custom formula to get you relief and visible results.


Rx Only

Prescription medication requires an online medical consultation. If appropriate, a licensed physician will prescribe a prescription treatment as part of your personalized treatment plan.


Our medical providers will review your symptoms, medical history, and photos to create your Custom Rx Formula, a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients clinically proven to reduce redness, flushing, and bumps caused by rosacea.


Azelaic Acid, Metronidazole, Niacinamide

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Our Custom Rx Formula for rosacea combines calming compounds azelaic acid, metronidazole, and niacinamide in prescription strengths clinically proven to help treat rosacea.

Azelaic acid is the star ingredient in this formula as it’s known for reducing inflammation and promoting skin cell renewal. Metronidazole acts as a complement to calm swelling and flushing. These two power-packed ingredients are supported by niacinamide — a form of vitamin B3 that helps protect skin against dryness and irritation.


How Facet Works

Yes, you really can do everything online.

1. Complete your online medical assessment Answer questions about your medical history and submit photos for our medical team to review via our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

2. Get your recommended treatment plan Your medical provider will select the right clinically proven medications for your skin. We will deliver them straight to your door.

3. Find lasting skin relief Easily check-in with your dedicated medical provider to track your skin’s progress and adjust your treatment plan. Most patients have 1 check-in every 3 months.

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