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Generic Selsun Blue®

Generic Selsun Blue®, also known as selenium sulfide shampoo, is a mild antifungal that helps get rid of flaky dandruff and soothe itchy, inflamed skin on your scalp caused by conditions like psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

Selenium sulfide may cause skin irritation, dry skin, or temporary hair loss. For more, see Important Safety Information.

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How It Works

Generic Selsun Blue® shampoo is a soothing cleanser for your scalp that helps calm down red, scaly, and itchy skin by slowing the growth of yeast. It also prevents your body from producing too much dead skin, which helps keep dandruff and flaking at bay. It typically takes 2-3 weeks of use to notice symptoms improve, though you may start to feel relief sooner.

Active Ingredients

Selenium sulfide

Want to know more? Check out the Drug Facts & Safety Information.
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Selenium sulfide, the active ingredient in generic Selsun Blue® shampoo, is an antifungal, which means it slows down the growth of flake-causing yeast.

Whether you’ve tried other medicated shampoos or are new to treatment, our medical providers are available to learn about your unique symptoms to design a personalized care plan just right for your skin.

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